Friday, July 30, 2010

Lavender and Silver Bridal Nails

This is a really pretty look perfect for a lavender wedding

For this look I covered the whole nail with Lucky Lucky Lavender by: O.P.I. then i let it dry completely.
then I put Birthday Babe by:O.P.I. straight across the nail diagonally.I put the the silver polish on a makeup sponge and ponged it on the nail, I did 3 layers of the silver on to make it shinny.
Then I used the white by:silk line and made on line across to separate the lavender and the silver.
On the lavender side I placed white dots with the pen tip from my white ilk line polish and on the silver side I drew two swirls right above the white line.
Last but not least I got these really nice flower nail art stickers that have a lavender and white shine to it.
hope you enjoy this look
if you have any question don't be afraid to ask

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