Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Night On The Town Nails

This Look was long to do but very simple and easy
Lets Get started: I used Birthday Babe by:O.P.I. all over the nail than 3/4 of the nail was covered by Significant Other color by: O.P.I than a strip of Purple with a purpose by:O.P.I. right above the the silver and light purple and than a black strip on the very tip of the nail I put a strip of Licorice by: Essie. I then covered the whole nail with a very light coat of Significant Other color all over the nail. ok that's it for the background.
Next I put two random yellow strips going on the diagonal with Yellow by: Strip Rite and another strip going in the other direction in Red by: Silk Line.
I outlined the buildings with the pen tip with the black by: silk line and filled it in with Licorice then for the windows of those buildings I used the pen tip of the white by: Silk line and added white dots randomly.
Last but not least I added white dot on the upper half of my nails to add stars.

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