Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Purple water marbling nails

This is my water marbling nails tutorial that i posted on Youtube and it is actually the easiest thing ever, all you need it a glass of room temperature water filed to the top and whatever combination of colors you wish to use. It could be 3,4 or even 8 different colors.

Just make sure that every drop you put into the water is centered in the previous drop that way it will spread evenly.

Then all you have to do is dunk the tip of your finger in, remove excess nail polish for the water and you done.

hope you've enjoyed watching my video. if you have any questions don't be shy to ask. My goal is to help make nail polish designs easy for anybody to do. thank you


  1. I shared this post on my blog...I absolutely LOVE this!!!! If I ever grow out my nails enough to the point that they are pretty, i'd love for you to do my nails :)