Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sigma contest entry

I did this look for the Sigma Makeup Animal Inspired Contest.
I found this amazing picture of a fish and I had to recreate it as an eye makeup tutorial.

I used three basic colors, light pink, dark pink and white
I covered my whole eye lid with a white cream liner and buffed it out with a brush and then I started adding shimmer eye shadow.
so in the inner corner and outer corner of my eye I used the light pink and left the middle part white. then I added a darker shade of the pink in the very inner corner of my eye and the very outer corner of the eye to add dimension.
Then I uses a white pinkish color for the middle of the eye lid.
I did a line of black eye liner and a few dots on the outer corner of the eye.
Then I put fake eyelashes and one dark pink rein-stone to finish the look .

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