Monday, August 2, 2010

The Body Shop

The Body Shop are a famous company who make many different products but with a difference compared to many other cosmetic brands out there. They are completely against animal testing, they support community trade, and they try their best to protect the planet by making their packaging recyclable and out of recyclable materials.

5 Eye shadow palette
All of these colors have a gold shimmer under tone. There was no indication of shade names so I'm going describe them for you.
01 shade: light peach
02 shade: golden yellow
03 shade: salmon copper
04 shade: medium green
05 shade: taupe gold
They are smooth shadows with lots of pigment and gold shimmers.

Eye lustre pearl

shade: golden green
Brilliant color its a light green with gold highlights the only thing i didn't like was the little beads I had to take them out, crush them, add a little rubbing alcohol and put them back into the container to be able to get a really smooth shadow. Other than that its a lovely color.

Eye & Cheek Palette
01 shade: Blush
02 shade: Lilac shimmer
03 shade: Violette shimmer
04 shade: Frosted silver
05 shade: Black shimmer

All of these colors are very well pigmented and they do go on smooth. I really love the color combination.

Brush On Buff in: Perles de soleil caramel
The pearls are smooth and a little shimmery. They just add a certain depth to your make up and stop your foundation from looking like a mask. They are wonderful to just brighten the face a little and to help to shade and sculpt subtly.
Another tip is to take about 5 pearls out of the pot and crush them in another empty tub, then apply this as a loose powder, using a blusher brush, for more concentrated color.

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