Sunday, August 8, 2010

A couple of new looks

Going retro nails

Very simple look for short or long nails.
I covered my whole nail with Retro red by Orly witch is a matte nail polish and then for the top half I used La Paz-itively hot by: O.P.I. and i separated it on the diagonal. then I took black by: silk line and drew a line across the nail to separate the two colors and then I added two more random strips to add the retro effect.
This look was fun to do and again you can use any color you wish.

Purple with white lace

I wanted to try out my new Orly Matte nail polish called Purple Pleather so I used it as a base and with my white by: Silk Line pen tip I did two parallel lines across the nail on the diagonal, did a criss-cross in between both lines, half circles on top and bottom of the line and I finally put dots at the very top and bottom of those little half circles to finish the look. I didn't put any top coat because I didn't want to make the matte finish shinny.

Pewter and Lime green Hawaiian flower nails

For this look I used Steel-ing the scene by: Essie to do all my nail except of the ring finger nails and for those I used Who the Shrek are you by: O.P.I. Then i used the white by: Silk Line to do the flowers.
keep in mind you can use any color you wish but this look is perfect for summer

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