Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sweet elegance nails

These nails were a little hard to pull off but once you have a floral design in mind is really very easy.
I decided to do two different look on my nail so the ring finger and thumb are the same and the rest are in a different color and style altogether. So i went on Google images and looked up floral design and picked an easy one so that it would look good on a smaller scale. the color I use for those was Classic Camel by: China Glaze (fall 2010 collection) and the floral was done with Black by: Silk line.
For the rest on my fingers I used Awakening by: China Glaze and two black reinstones to finish the look.
although these two design are different I find they go very well together.
let me know what you think.


  1. hey, u tutorials are awesome. thanks so much :D I'm gonna try out the nail marbling tomorrow! I was just wondering, when you are doing details=ed patterns how do you keep a steady hand when using your left hand (assuming you are right handed)? I'm fine when I'm using my right hand, but as soon as I have to paint my right hand it goes all messy lol.

  2. well first I'm left handed but when I do my left hand I tend to put it on a solid surface and I put my right hand on that same surface to steady it and draw really slowly and if I notice that I'm shaking I stop for a second and relax my hand and start again. Its hard but I'm getting better at it

  3. thanks. I just tried the marbling technique and I can't get it to work. When I put my nail into the water the nail varnish gets clogged with water. When I take it out the water sticks to it, it looks messy and there are bubbles. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :/

  4. make sure the water is room temperature and when removing your nail shake off the water and it should take care of the bubbles. and it also depends on the type of nail polish you use if its to creamy or cream based polish it might create more bubbles that's why i try to use metallic polish hope this helps let me know how it goes