Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ed Hardy Geisha Palette

So on my trip to Toronto to IMATS I picked up the Geisha Ed Hardy makeup palette at Shoppers Drug Mart for $19.99 CND
it come in a really nice box.
when you open the box there is a big mirror with two flaps that open up with LED lights. BRILLIANT !! Its like your own mini makeup station
it has 6 eye shadows and 6 lip colors, 1 blush 2 perfumes and 3 brushes.
the eye shadows range from black matte eye shadow, dark blue matte shadow, light teal matte shadow, gold,silver and white shimmer shadows. Really pigmented and really easy to work with.
one blush in a peachy nude color and i love it.
the lip glosses are very pigmented and offer a really good range of colors three different tones of red, two pink tones and a gold tone as well.
I've done two eye looks with it and i love it.

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