Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blue Yellow and Black Tartan


For this look I used Art Dealer Teal-Er by: finger Paints as the base and then I took the yellow Stripe Rite and Black Silk Line polish to create a Tartan on my thumb and one of my fingers.

After that, I used the same black and yellow to do the tips of the rest of my fingers.

Finger Paints Nail Polish
in: Art Dealer Teal-er

This was my first time using finger paints nail polish and here are my thoughts on it.
the polish is a little thin but offers good coverage in 2 coats and the brush does not spread out when applying to the nail and it take allot of strokes to cover the whole nail.

But overall its a very good product and it comes in allot of lovable shades and I will be buying it again.

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  1. Really cool! I love the video...but I like it when you put music in them :)