Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I use to do my Youtube Videos

This is my cute little Netbook. It is the Acer 10.1 inch and its pink. I know its small but unbelievably portable. It has WiFi and intel Atom Processor Oh and did I mention that its pink? LOL!! I absolutely love my little computer and it only cost $299.99 @ Future Shop.

The software I use for my editing is the most simple of editing software out there because I don't like complicated things LOL!! It is Windows Movie maker.
Its so easy to use I love it and it came with my computer so it was free.

This is the camera I use it is the Canon SD1200 IS. It has a 3 time optical zoom and 8.0 mega pixels.
Its a discontinued model but the one that has replaced it is the Canon SD1400

This is the Tripod I use for my Canon SD1200 its called a Gorilla Pod. It had flexible legs so it allows you to hang off anything or set it on uneven surfaces. It had a ball head to allow you to adjust the angle of the camera.
I picked it up at Henry's the camera store in Ottawa

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