Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three toned pink Zebra Print

This look was requested by a Youtuber called :xoxobubbycakexoxo she wanted me to do a pink zebra print and i thought that was a great idea

So I did a three tone pink with black zebra strips.
The colors I used were: Royal Flush blush by: O.P.I.,
Bright Lights-Big Color by: O.P.I., La Paz-Itively Hot by: O.P.I. and black by: Silk Line

basically I used Royal Flush Blush on the lower third of my nail horizontally, then took Bright Lights-Big Color on the middle third of the nail then the La Paz-Itively Hot on the upper third of my nail. Last but not least I added the black Zebra Strip.

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