Sunday, July 25, 2010

L.A.Colors Art Deco nail art

L.A.Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer

I bought 5 colors this week and I wanted to share them with you.

NA905- Red Glitter

* NA906-Blue Glitter

NA910-Sky blue

* NA945-Purple/Blue Glitter

NA943-Rainbow Glitter

I've tried them all and love the Glitters but one of them stood out more then the others, NA905-Red Glitter it actually has a red base color, the other glitters have a clear base with glitter. and the red glitter dries on matte with red sparkles, it turned out to be my favorite out of all the glitter ones I got.
The sky blue color i can see myself using allot with all of my nail art and the glitter ones I will using as sparkly accents.

I picked them up at Pharmaplus for $3.95 each and i will be getting more !

Out of 10 I give them a 9 because they're easy to use, the price is right, they dry really fast and It goes on smoothly.

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